Friday, March 30, 2012

Totally absurd products

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Hat Tether 
Hat Tether - Patently Absurd!
The Hat Tether is a nylon cord that clips to the back of your shirt collar and the back of your hat.  The wind blows, your hat flies off your head and it dangles from shirt collar.  You didn’t lose your hat and heck, you could possibly even save your toupee with this gadget.  One thing is for certain; the fashion police have already issued arrest warrants.

                                                                                                     Nose Wipe

Nose Wipe - Patently Absurd !

This fine invention is best summed up by a lengthy quote from the inventor. "Nose drip is a very frequent accompaniment to the cold weather outdoor activity of skiing.  This requires frequent wiping of the nose and/or face by facial tissues or the like.  Heretofore, a skier with irritating nose drip has generally found it necessary to stop, disengage at least one pole and one ski glove, retrieve tissues, handkerchief or the like from a pocket, use it and return it to the pocket for later disposal.

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