Friday, March 30, 2012

Totally absurd products

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                                              Dog Bumper
Dog Bumper - Patently Absurd Inventions!
Hey, if you're a lousy driver, you have a seat belt and air bags to protect you.  But your poor pooch could do a little indoor flying if you hit the brakes hard in a hurry.  So let's keep everyone in the vehicle safe with the new dent resistant Dog Bumper.  Made of dense foam and strapped on via Velcro, the Dog Bumper will help your canine companion keep his ribs and chest injury free the next time that tree jumps out in front of you.  Look out!  

Ski Brake

Ski Brake - Patently Absurd !

What is lesson numero uno when learning to ski?  Going downhill is easy, it's called gravity... stopping is the hard part!  Flying down the slopes faster than you can fully control is the thrill that causes the spill when you find that you can't stop.   But as you can see from the illustration above, our Michelin Man has found a solution, he's made Icarus proud and sprouted wings, braking wings that is. 

Totally absurd products

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                                         Speak and Swing

Speak & Swing - Patently Absurd!

It uses voice recognition technology so you can verbally choose your next club. That's right you simply speak to your golf bag and the club you want pops out.

                                           Safety Poncho

Safety Poncho - Totally Absurd Inventions & Patents! Inventions

Flying is one of the safest forms of transportation in the 21st century, but our inventor would like to make it even safer.  He says that many airline injuries occur during aircraft taxiing, take-off and turbulence.  His solution?  The Safety Poncho, so that everyone can now have their own personal airbag.  In use, it slips over your head and is self-inflating using a tiny compressed air canister.  We like this idea if our plane is headed for a crash landing, but since taxiing takes place before you leave the runway and turbulence can hit unexpectedly at any time during your flight, that means to be safe, you have to blow up your bladder bag before beginning departure.  

Totally absurd products

Top 2
Hat Tether 
Hat Tether - Patently Absurd!
The Hat Tether is a nylon cord that clips to the back of your shirt collar and the back of your hat.  The wind blows, your hat flies off your head and it dangles from shirt collar.  You didn’t lose your hat and heck, you could possibly even save your toupee with this gadget.  One thing is for certain; the fashion police have already issued arrest warrants.

                                                                                                     Nose Wipe

Nose Wipe - Patently Absurd !

This fine invention is best summed up by a lengthy quote from the inventor. "Nose drip is a very frequent accompaniment to the cold weather outdoor activity of skiing.  This requires frequent wiping of the nose and/or face by facial tissues or the like.  Heretofore, a skier with irritating nose drip has generally found it necessary to stop, disengage at least one pole and one ski glove, retrieve tissues, handkerchief or the like from a pocket, use it and return it to the pocket for later disposal.

Reliable Sources

I chose this source because it has a lot of reliable information that entrepreneurs could use such as tips to keep your workers happy, and new ideas to help you make more money.

An example of a trend was technology. The article was about 4 brilliant video marketing campaigns.

I chose this source because it is a website specifically made for entrepreneurs. It has all the necessary information needed to run a successful business.

An example of a trend is environmentally friendly products. They have a full article on 10 ways to “green” your retail store.

Futuristic Inventions

Holy &%$! inventions

This article talks about 6 crazy inventions that might become reality in the future. The first item is the Samsung transparent LCD. A seemingly ordinary, transparent piece of glass suddenly illuminates with video. This new idea is a breakthrough that could one day make any window into a display or touchscreen. The 2nd item is a highway that can charge your car. Engineers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have developed technology for embedding in a highway electric coils that transfer power to similar coils that could be built under cars. Passing over a single coil at 60 miles per hour won't amount to much, but a long stretch of them could give a car battery significant juice. The 3rd item is a robot that can build itself. Foambot works with several modules that can be rearranged in a myriad of ways. The remote-controlled bot is equipped with 1 liter of foam reagent that expands into 28 liters of foam. That building block material can be deployed for whatever the robot requires. If it needs a staircase to climb, it can spray and build one.

The fourth invention is prescription changing glasses. Reading glasses don't exactly evoke images of "cool new tech," but Virginia-based PixelOptics has developed a futuristic pair called emPower. It's a line of electronic eyeglasses that let wearers toggle instantly between two prescriptions: close-up and distance vision. The fifth invention is 3D Manufacturing. The process they're using is called additive manufacturing. It's essentially 3D printing using metals, plastics, and other building materials. Products are built one layer at a time. For instance, a layer of titanium dust is sprayed on a platform, then specific dust particles get zapped and melted with electron beams. The rest of the dust is blown off, and the next layer gets built. The final invention is 3D TVs that dont require glasses.

What is the trend ?
The trend is once again technology.

How is this trend changing society/ how is it affecting Businesses?
This trend is changing society because everyone depends on technology. It affects business because it can help people communicate.

Identify opportunities that this can create for Entrepreneurs.
This can create more jobs potentially because they could have jobs just set for communicating using these new technologies.

Provide examples of Canadian Companies and their products, services that are taking advantage of this trend.

Include your predictions and opinions, ie will this trend continue? is it just a fad? do you expect it to Increase? Decline? Why?
This trend will continue, and it will increase.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brand New Technologies

Coolest inventions coming in 2012


     This article talks about some of the new inventions coming out in 2012. The first item they talk about is the new "super wi-fi" network. This new creation is a primo band that sits lower than today's Wi-Fi, allowing signals to travel over significantly longer distances and through buildings and walls. It will take some time for this new technology to finally set in, because they need new things like headsets for smartphones and other devices. But FCC expects this new idea to lead to new kinds of wireless networks, including connected highways, schools, parks and towns. Wireless carriers looking for more spectrum could also begin to broadcast Wi-Fi to customer-dense areas to reduce stress on their 3G and 4G networks.

     The next invention is the new Microsoft Windows 8. Windows 8 has a completely new visual interface that's unlike anything you've seen on a PC before. It's optimized for touch screens on mobile devices like tablets, but it will also work for those with a traditional mouse and keyboard setup. The next invention is the new Lytros light-field camera, this new camera lets you adjust a picture after you've taken it. The fourth new invention is the new Google glasses, the basic idea is to beam contextually relevant information straight to your eyeballs. Like augmented reality apps, the glasses could deliver an added layer of information about, say, a landmark you're looking at, or offer up a discount to a restaurant that catches your gaze. The final new invention of 2012 is a new apple product of some kind. They're not sure what it will be, but everyone believes apple will come out with a new product that will be jaw dropping.

What is the trend?
The trend of this article is specifically about technology. 

How is this trend changing society/ how is it affecting Businesses?
This trend is changing society because now it is evident that we are relying on technology. A perfect example is the new Google glasses, they're pretty much telling you everything you need to know without doing any work.

Identify opportunities that this can create for Entrepreneurs.
This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs because all they need to do is come up with a new creative technological idea, and they could be rich and famous.

Provide examples of Canadian Companies and their products, services that are taking advantage of this trend.
Blackberry: new phones and tablets
Ford: New technologies in the cars

Include your predictions and opinions, ie will this trend continue? is it just a fad? do you expect it to Increase? Decline? Why
I think this trend will definitely continue for many years, because technology always grows, and is becoming more and more popular.