Friday, March 30, 2012

Futuristic Inventions

Holy &%$! inventions

This article talks about 6 crazy inventions that might become reality in the future. The first item is the Samsung transparent LCD. A seemingly ordinary, transparent piece of glass suddenly illuminates with video. This new idea is a breakthrough that could one day make any window into a display or touchscreen. The 2nd item is a highway that can charge your car. Engineers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have developed technology for embedding in a highway electric coils that transfer power to similar coils that could be built under cars. Passing over a single coil at 60 miles per hour won't amount to much, but a long stretch of them could give a car battery significant juice. The 3rd item is a robot that can build itself. Foambot works with several modules that can be rearranged in a myriad of ways. The remote-controlled bot is equipped with 1 liter of foam reagent that expands into 28 liters of foam. That building block material can be deployed for whatever the robot requires. If it needs a staircase to climb, it can spray and build one.

The fourth invention is prescription changing glasses. Reading glasses don't exactly evoke images of "cool new tech," but Virginia-based PixelOptics has developed a futuristic pair called emPower. It's a line of electronic eyeglasses that let wearers toggle instantly between two prescriptions: close-up and distance vision. The fifth invention is 3D Manufacturing. The process they're using is called additive manufacturing. It's essentially 3D printing using metals, plastics, and other building materials. Products are built one layer at a time. For instance, a layer of titanium dust is sprayed on a platform, then specific dust particles get zapped and melted with electron beams. The rest of the dust is blown off, and the next layer gets built. The final invention is 3D TVs that dont require glasses.

What is the trend ?
The trend is once again technology.

How is this trend changing society/ how is it affecting Businesses?
This trend is changing society because everyone depends on technology. It affects business because it can help people communicate.

Identify opportunities that this can create for Entrepreneurs.
This can create more jobs potentially because they could have jobs just set for communicating using these new technologies.

Provide examples of Canadian Companies and their products, services that are taking advantage of this trend.

Include your predictions and opinions, ie will this trend continue? is it just a fad? do you expect it to Increase? Decline? Why?
This trend will continue, and it will increase.

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